We don’t do just weight loss, we do cellular metabolic change

How many times have you heard, “If you eat less and exercise more, you will lose weight?” As we all know, it isn’t that simple.  Most popular weight loss programs fail.  Their one-size-fits-all approach does not address several underlying causes that can interfere with successful weight loss and stabilization.

 Medical Director Dr. Jason Bradley, ND, DC, DSc, PScD, CN, DABAAHP, DAARM, MA
Medical Director Dr. Jason Bradley, ND, DC, DSc, PScD, CN, DABAAHP, DAARM, MA

Weight loss resistance can be the result of one or more of the following:

  • Thyroid, adrenal, or pituitary conditions
  • Metabolic Syndrome
  • Hormone imbalances
  • Food allergies and sensitivities
  • Gastro-intestinal imbalances
  • Drug Interactions
  • Psychological and emotional issues
  • Stress
  • Inflammation
  • Food Addictions

To help you achieve your long-term weight loss goals, we, first and foremost, focus our efforts on addressing imbalances revealed through your laboratory tests, medical & nutritional assessments, and lifestyle evaluation.  We then create a customized treatment plan consisting of dietary recommendations, supplements, and lifestyle changes which create cellular metabolic changes in your body.  These changes will not only help you lose the weight – but will correct the underlying imbalances so that you can keep it off.

At EPIC Functional Medicine Center, we know that you have to use every tool in the tool box to create a sound lifestyle change and meet your goals. The science-based weight loss tools we use are considered the best in the field: lifestyle education and management, PharmGrade nutritional supplements, natural hormone replacement therapy, food plans and shopping guides, BIA body-composition tracking, and many more.

For more information on weight loss programs at EPIC Functional Medicine Center, please email info@epicfmc.com, or call our office at (319) 466 0026 and our Wellness Concierge will be happy to speak with you directly.