In their own words…

Promoting good health…


“When I first started with Dr. Bradley and the team at EPIC Functional Medicine, I had gone to deal with my hypothyroidism. I was exhausted all the time, which had affected all aspects of my life.

“This program has gone beyond merely helping with those sleepy symptoms. In these past 7 months, my whole lifestyle has changed! I’m more active. I have more motivation than ever and of course, losing 30 pounds was a bonus, too.

“I think what I appreciate most about the EPIC team is how genuinely they want each of their clients to succeed! I have been set up with the tools I need to live a healthy, happy lifestyle and for that, I will be forever thankful.”

EPIC Member


Fatigue symptoms gone…

“I would like to sincerely thank Dr. Bradley, and nurse Rachel at Epic Functional Medicine for the difference they have made in my health. I started the program in May 2016. When I started I was suffering from severe episodes of fatigue that would cause me to spend a week on the couch or in bed after traveling to South Carolina to spend time with my son and grandchildren. I also had a hard time maintaining any type of workout program due to my health.

“After only 2-3 months on the program and going thru the detox program and making changes in my diet, I no longer have symptoms of fatigue and am able to visit my family and keep up with my grandchildren and not feel tired. I am losing weight and have energy to do the things I love to do. I work out 4 x week at the gym and walk everyday. I enjoy life and am living it to the fullest due the changes in my diet and the supplements and excellent advice of Dr Bradley and nurse Rachel. All the staff are so helpful and would like to thank Aliya and Pete also for their great concern and follow up.

“Thank you so much for the restoration in my health!! You guys work miracles and we do not have to accept the advice a MD gave me that since I am getting older than I could expect to be tired. I am a Registered Nurse and knew their had to be a better way and found it thru the Epic Functional Medicine team!!

“Thank you again for all the advice and direction you have given me and for the restoration of my health!”

Carol, EPIC Member


Dealing with chronic pain…

“Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and Rheumatoid Arthritis were the grim diagnoses in 2005. I was soon thereafter being prescribed drug after drug from methotrexate, Plaquenil and Celebrex to Synthroid, Armour and Ambien (way too many to mention). To say “to no avail” would be a serious understatement…I experienced only temporary relief or no relief at all. I left conventional medicine and its approaches and for years tried many natural methods of healing on my own…unsuccessfully.

“In February of 2015, I met and arranged to begin functional medicine’s approach to treatment with Dr. Bradley. He wasted no time ordering body chemistry, complete thyroid (not just TSH and T4!!!) and other hormone panels, along with tests for nutritional deficiencies and more, which showed “conclusive evidence” of some serious “underlying” problems.

“Besides debilitating fatigue, joint pain and swelling, insomnia, brain fog, hairloss and a host of other issues I was having at the time, I had been dealing with a newer outward, very concerning symptom. I had begun to experience horrible pain in the soft tissues surrounding my elbows and knees (especially my knees). They became full of water that never went away and were excruciatingly painful in their tendons, ligaments and muscle tissue around the front and behind, in their bends. I would awaken at night in pain regularly. Walking up and down stairs, and sitting and rising from a seated position was unbearable most of the time.

“Over the course of the next few months, Dr. Bradley and I began adding and taking away foods and supplementation from my diet. I also had extensive food sensitivity testing done. It was only a few days after removing key “trigger” foods from my diet that I began to “see and feel” obvious signs of healing in my knees!!! Look at these before and after photos…AMAZING!!!

“After years and years of being left with one disappointment after another…after another, I, with the help and expertise of Dr. Bradley, now have renewed hope that this is just the beginning of much more healing to come! I can now, for the first time in over 10 years, look forward to living a healthy and happy life…the kind I and all of us are intended to live!”

MJ, EPIC Member


Watch: Video testimonials from our clients

“I feel Dr. Bradley is the key to what I’ve been looking for to turn my health around.”

— Debbie

Praise for our OWL curriculum class

“I feel so much BETTER and happier. I am BACK in my life.”

— Julie

“The Wellness Center is a caring group of professionals who will provide a path to a healthier and happier life style.”

— Ray

“It’s a comprehensive and thorough plan that actually works!! Thank you!”

— Reuben

“My experience has been unbelievable. The staff and the people in my class have been very supportive. The way I felt when I first came in to now is a total 360. I feel so much better and I know I don’t want to go back to the way I felt before. Thank you so much Dr. Bradley, Alta and Ashlee.”

— Julie

Would you recommend Dr. Bradley’s OWL curriculum to your family, friends, and/or co-workers?

“Yes, because I have seen the results, good results to my well-being from the clinic. I also gained so much knowledge from the classes.”

— Melissa

“Yes, I would recommend it because learning about your body and the truth about nutrition is an eye opening experience.”

— Anonymous

Would you recommend Dr. Bradley’s ‘Stress, Hormones and Health’ presentation to your family, friends and/or coworkers?

“Yes, because I feel it would turn the light on upstairs for most of them.”

— Mark