Steps to becoming a client

  1. Watch the video above to hear more about how EPIC Functional Medicine Center can help you to take back your health through our personalized health programs. Presented by EPIC’s founder, Dr. Jason Bradley.
  2. Click “Get Started” below to schedule a short call with our Pre Enrollment Coordinator.
  3. If your case is good fit to work with EPIC, our Pre Enrollment Coordinator will schedule your free initial consultation with the doctor.
  4. At your initial consultation with the doctor and your spouse or Main Support Person, a program will be prescribed around your UNIQUE and SPECIFIC needs so that you can take back your health!

Note regarding fees

We choose not to post our fees or discuss them prior to initial consultations because we know that everyone has DIFFERENT needs and require INDIVIDUALIZED care and planning. Items like laboratory testing, medicine and supplementation, and level of necessary care will vary from person to person, which ultimately impacts the overall investment.

EPIC is dedicated to keeping costs affordable in every way possible, including offering our clients wholesale pricing on labs, supplements, and other out of pocket costs.

Also, EPIC’s financial coordinator can discuss our affordable payment plans that can fit almost any budget – our goal is to serve and help as many people as we can.


Most insurance does not currently cover Functional Medicine care and we are therefore unable to bill insurance. EPIC would be glad to take insurance if this were not the case.

That said, some of the laboratory testing may be covered by insurance and HSA/Flex Account/Pre-tax dollars can sometimes be applied towards care.

Discussion of the utilization of your insurance for laboratory testing will take place at your initial consultation.

We look forward to getting you started on your health journey TODAY!