Michael Boatwright

Position at EPIC:

Client Relations and IT Manager

Personal and professional history:

AAS in Computer Engineering Technology and AAS in Post Production and Sound Design

I started my career with a degree from The Institute of Production and Recording, receiving an A.A.S. Audio Production and Engineering Degree, with an emphasis in Post Production. After college, I began work with Apple Tech Support, where I became the team lead and assisted 60-90 customers per day. While I was happy to being helping people in some way, I knew I could put my skills to more work!

Why I joined the EPIC team and what Functional Medicine means to me:

Our clients typically seek us out when they’re looking for help that could not find elsewhere. The same is true for me. I initially stumbled upon EPIC after my own health crisis and was looking for a change. An unfortunate seizure in 2013 lead me to dislocate and break both of my shoulders, and reconstructive surgery was necessary. After struggling to recover, I began work at another company that was insensitive to my health needs and would disregard the support I needed to succeed. Once I found EPIC, I knew it was what I had been missing. I was welcomed onto the team and was shown an alternative to Western medicine, and have been learning about the science behind it ever since. To me, Functional Medicine is a way to find and maintain health and balance – both mentally and physically!

Fun Fact:

I wrote my first computer program when I was 10. I am an avid collector of Nintendo products and video games in general.

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