Lea Burke - Health Coach
Lea Burke – Health Coach
Lea Burke is a certified Essentrics Instructor and former dance teacher who joined EPIC as a health coach and movement motivator. As someone who has had her own mobility challenges since her 20s, she knows first-hand the importance of accepting limitations and finding appreciation for what motions the body can make in any given moment.

During her search to find relief, after traditional medicine failed her, she found herself exploring a variety of natural healing methods which still assist her today. Her desire to help others in making healthy lifestyle changes has brought her to become a part of the EPIC team.

Lea has always been fascinated by the resilience of the human spirit and how our bodies know how to heal themselves when given proper care. She is a firm believer in that we are born with our glass half-full and what we choose to do with it from there is up to us as individuals.

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