Jenny Downard - Health Coach
Jenny Downard – Health Coach
Jenny Downard is the Director of Education & Health Coaching and an EPIC health coach. With an educational background in Dietetics and Social work, Jenny has spent the past 15 years working in the healthcare field. She began as a Surgical Tech where she became passionate about the inner workings of the human body. Holding a beating heart in her hands is one of the most poignant experiences in her career! Next, she shifted focus to working in a residential treatment setting, serving women struggling with eating disorders. Jenny is passionate about interacting with people to help address why we eat the way we do and how emotions, tradition, and habit sometimes have negative effects on our eating relationships. She often uses the phrase coined by Dr. Joel Fuhrman saying that we must learn to “Eat to Live” rather than “Live to Eat”.

Along with her thirst for life, she has a thirst for adrenaline! Jenny is a USPA licensed skydiver and took her first jump when she was 18. Originally introduced to skydiving by her father, and now almost 1,000 jumps later, she continues to jump regularly with him and her six siblings.

“I think any adventure is fair game; my favorite adventure right now is trying to be a good mother to my five-year-old son!”

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