3 Surefire Ways to Combat Emotional Eating

Taking measures to maintain healthy eating habits may sound easy on paper but in reality, it isn’t. For most of our clients here at the Washington Wellness Center, there’s a whole lot of issues to tackle when it comes to developing a healthy relationship with food, one of which is emotional eating. In fact, some people who are already eating (and living) healthy  may experience emotional eating at one point.

The Emotional Eater

By and large, the emotional eater eats not because of hunger but rather because he or she feels bored, lonely, or stressed. Simply put, it’s all about managing feelings with food when one is supposed to listen and confront their emotions.

Below are steps to making sure that you don’t grab for that candy bar the next time no one seems to like your photos on Facebook:

1. Be mindful.

Specifically, recognize your personal triggers and the physiological sensation that comes with it. Every so often, personal triggers are situations wherein one may be forced to abruptly deal with such as coming home to bickering kids, getting off from a phone call bearing bad news, or chasing deadlines at work.

As for the physiological sensations associated with emotional eating, they often come in the form of feeling tense, agitated, and restless. The moment you recognize these sensations, you’d be able to take a pause and reassess the situation.

2. Seek non-food alternatives.

The moment you recognize that you are actually emotionally eating, your next step should involve seeking non-food alternatives that will help you cope with the trigger in question. Excellent examples of non-food alternatives include taking a walk, calling a friend or family member and having a good talk, or reading a book.

3. Seek solutions for your personal triggers.

Emotional eating can be an endless cycle unless you address the triggers that cause the binge eating in the first place. Assess and create a plan on how you are going to address such concerns — say you’ve been not sleeping well the past few days. Why not take steps to make sure that you get enough sleep and rest?

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