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Amanda Olsen

"Now I feel energized. I don't need naps. I'm sleeping well at night. I rarely get headaches anymore and when I do it's usually related to something I ate or a bad night of sleep. My autoimmune antibodies are negative 1 year after starting with Epic! I feel whole. I feel well. I feel hopeful.”

After two months into care, her symptom reduction really went underway, and before long she hit 80% improvement after about seven months. Shortly after, she hit as high as ~90% improvement in her symptoms.

(See Photo Below)

In addition, one key biomarker affecting Amanda’s health was Antinuclear Antibodies (ANA). As of lab-verified data from April 2021, her ANA is now in remission - an incredible feat and testament to the body’s ability to heal given the right environment and guidance. (See Photo Below)

Emma U.
"When I had leaky gut, I couldn’t eat anything without reacting in some way. I was so lost. When I started to heal, I was able to understand the amazing benefits eating the correct foods can have on your body. I have become a completely different person. EPIC has given me my life back."
Deb M.
"The number one thing I have learned [while working with EPIC] is there are more foods that I can eat, then there are foods that I can’t eat. We are losing weight (150 pound between my husband and I in a year) and gaining health!"
Meg N.

"Before I started with Dr. Bradley, I thought being tired all the time, and moody, and feeling helpless to change, were all part of life. Now, because of Dr. Bradley and his staff's help and genuine concern about my well being, I know that you can live life with energy and vitality!"

Karen A.

"I am educated in traditional medicine and traditional medicine was not able to help with my autoimmune thyroid problem! The weight literally fell off. The body aches and fatigue that had been plaguing me for 2 decades amazingly disappeared."

Rose Miller

Her Autoimmune antibodies went negative (in under 10 months)

Her husband was thankful he was “given his wife back”

"I have had Hashimoto's for over 30 years. It has been a roller coaster ride that I have never completely understood and have come to understand the conventional medical system doesn't either....I saw my primary doctor on Tuesday this week and shared that I had been seeing Dr Bradley, had changed my diet, using supplements and lost 18 lbs and was feeling better."

-Yvonne L..

"The most impactful moment for me was my first meeting with Dr Bradley, talking about my past history and “labels” and he looked me straight in the eye and said “I don’t care about any of that. I care what you are experiencing and what you learn body says.” My advice for anyone is to be present with your body. Listen. Give yourself a little grace, or a lot. Believe you can heal yourself by the choices you make because YOU CAN!"

-Britt G.


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