Don’t be a Couch Potato! Be Active!

Couch potato refers to a person who always watches a lot of television without realizing the health risks associated with being immobile for hours.  Too much inactivity is detrimental to your health and if you are planning to stop your sedentary lifestyle and finally engage yourself with a type of sport, you have to consult first with a wellness center in Iowa City for a suitable wellness plan for you.  Dr. Jason Bradley of Washington Street Wellness Center can help you reach your peak performance.  The wellness center in Iowa City will guide you every step of the way with a treatment plan unique to each individual to perform at the highest level.

Living a sedentary lifestyle can lead you to being prone to deadly diseases and obesity.  It has been found in a recent research that too much inactivity can damage your brain and body organs. It can affect your sleep cycle and it could even shorten your life.  The simple key to stay healthy is to limit your time spent sitting and to avoid prolonged sitting.

There is a need to be regularly active to avoid the risk factors by choosing the right activities or sports rather than staying at the house watching television.  However, there are some precautions that only a professional doctor can advise, taking into consideration your present health, age and medical history.

Consult with Dr. Jason Bradley for proper analysis of your current health status and recommendation of the suitable wellness program that includes pain management and injury prevention.  Stop being a couch potato by being active and enjoy more quality of your life.

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Lifestyle Changes to Live Longer

It is quite normal as a human being to desire longevity or at least to live longer than the normal life expectancy and enjoy more of life.  Longevity is achievable through the individualized health plan of Wellness Center in Iowa City, IA.  People can age with vigor, alertness and avoid a midlife crisis.  Dr. Jason Bradley of Washington Street Wellness Center with the aid of some laboratory testing will provide patients what they need to add more years to their life and even reverse the signs of aging.

Longevity is not equivalent to immortality since physical immortality remains unattainable up to these days.  But human beings can live up to at least 100 years provided a good lifestyle is being followed.  Despite your age now, it is not too late to do some lifestyle changes to add some more years to your life.

Making some minor changes in your lifestyles can help you live longer.  What is essential is to segregate the good habits from the bad habits and continue with the good ones and keep the bad ones in your trash bin forever. It has been shown in a recent study that bad habits of smoking, drinking too much alcohol, not eating enough of fruits and vegetables and living a sedentary life can put you in an early grave. You are definitely in the right path of longevity by eliminating these bad habits in your lifestyle.

You can keep your body healthy and feeling young by adopting some good habits into your current lifestyle with the aid of a wellness institution such as Washington Street Wellness Center and following these simple rules in life:

  • Don’t overeat – moderation is the key and know how to eat in proportion.
  • Get active – to burn calories
  • Avoid too much sun exposure – to prevent wrinkles and fine lines
  • Network – with friends and relatives to avoid loneliness
  • Eat fruits and vegetables – which are rich in fiber and vitamins that can lower your risks for diseases

The Washington Street Wellness Center can guide your way to a fit and healthy lifestyle to achieve longevity and enjoy more quality of your life.

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