Why Customize Your Daily Nutrition Plan?

Your daily nutrition is important because it is the supply of materials required by your regular body function to stay alive.  Nutrition is the science of consuming and utilizing foods and a good nutritionist in Iowa City at Washington Street Wellness Center can help customize your daily nutritional plan to achieve your desired goals.  A suitable nutritional plan will definitely be applied to anyone’s goals.  Some people want to lose some weight or they want to secure a dietary plan because of their health concerns such as food allergies, aging, diabetes, and even for a sport specific nutritional plan.

Creating your own personalized nutrition plan may be hard to formulate and follow on your own.  But with the aid of a professional doctor such as Dr. Jason Bradley of Washington Street Wellness Center, you will be on the right path with his advice and recommendation plus the added resource of your dietary plan.

Human beings are different and it is expected that each one has dietary preferences, requirements and goals.  Nutritional requirements depend upon the individual’s life stages.  A baby, growing child, younger adult and aging person have different variations of nutritional requirements.  Aside from this, everyone has a different type of lifestyle.  Customization of your nutritional diet may involve the following:

  • Taste and flavor preferences
  • Religious or cultural beliefs
  • Lifestyle
  • Life Stage
  • Diseases
  • Genetic variations
  • Desired goals

The team at Washington Street Wellness Center makes it a point to carefully plan your personalized dietary plan keeping in mind your desired goals, lifestyle, food preferences and any food allergies and other important things that may affect the success of the program.

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Iowa City Sports Massage: Is it Beneficial for Athletes?

Athletes need a different kind of massage because of the constant buildup of tension in the muscles from regular sports activity.  Hence, to answer the need of athletes, a sports massage of Washington Street Wellness Center is included in their massage services in Iowa City, IA.  Dr. Jason Bradley is a doctor of naturopathy in Iowa City of Washington Street Wellness Center who can help with your wellness and health goals.

Massages have a lot of styles or types to suit every individual’s needs to relax, rejuvenate and de-stress.  One of the styles of massage is a sports massage which is greatly beneficial for athletes.  Athletes consider sports massage as an essential part of their training and recovery routine.

Sports massages, just like the rest of styles of massages, has specific aim which is to focus on the individual needs as an athlete.  The sports massage of Washington Street Wellness Center make sure to meet the demands of an athlete to primarily focus on maintenance and injury prevention.  It is believed that it is better to avoid or prevent some injuries than fix or recover and heal from injuries.

Sports massages can enhance your performance as well your endurance with sports.  The benefits of a sports massage may include the following 3 categories:

  • Physical benefits – massage stretches can increase flexibility to release your stored pressure and tension.  Sports massage before a sport activity can enhance proper blood flow to enable oxygen and nutrients to pass easily.  Sports massages after a sports activity can cause scar tissue realignment due to some injury or trauma.
  • Psychological benefits – sports massage prior to sporting events can reduce anxiety levels and invigorate your bodily response.
  • Physiological benefits – sports massage after a sports activity may inhibit pain and stimulate relaxation of the body.

You can find a certified massage therapist at Washington Street Wellness Center.  This wellness center in Iowa City believes in personalized care for every patients.

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