Does Bad Posture Affect Your Health?

Bad postures such as slouching does not only make your neck or shoulder twinge but can greatly affect your overall health. Luckily, if you are residing near and within the vicinity of a wellness center in Iowa City, Dr. Jason Bradley and the staff of Washington Street Wellness Center can help you manage and improve your body postures.  With Washington Street Wellness Center, everyone can attain a healthy lifestyle through their variety of Alternative or Natural Medicines in Iowa.

Good posture is very essential towards your good health which, if left uncorrected, will put your overall health in compromise.  Some fitness professionals and health conscious people overlook the importance of a good posture.  Good posture means that your bones are properly aligned and your internal organs are in the right positions.  Wrong body postures when you’re reading, working and simply relaxing at your home can exhaust the muscles of your neck, arms, legs and back.

Straightening up is an ideal good posture that can benefit your overall health in the long run.  Poor body posture such as slouching can affect your muscles, joints, ligaments, breathing, digestion and waste elimination.  But, at any age, you can practice and improve your body posture when standing, sitting, working, sleeping, lifting and bending.  Better yet, you can check your posture by simply facing yourself in the mirror and check the following:

  • Head – should be straight or erect
  • Chin – should be aligned to the floor
  • Arms – and sides spaces should be equal
  • Hips – balanced
  • Kneecaps and Ankles – should be straight

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Trager Approach: Effective Way to Ease Back or Neck Pain

Do you have back pain or neck pain?  Here at Washington Street Wellness Center, Trager Approach in Iowa City, IA is a relaxing, natural and effective way to ease your back pain, neck pain, other joint irritation and soft tissue discomfort.  Trager Approach is based on the principle that pain, discomfort and decreased function of the body are accumulated tension patterns as a result from poor posture, injury, accident, hereditary, repetitive actions and daily stress.  Trager Approach of Washington Street Wellness Center is done through Mentastics approach which can release those deep seated or accumulated mental and physical patterns.

Aside from easing your back and neck pain, Trager Approach is also effective to relieve and manage a range of health conditions such as headaches, muscle spasms, depression, stress related disorders, emotional imbalances and multiple sclerosis.  It is also used in improving the performance of athletes and facilitates patient’s rehabilitation from injuries and strokes.  Problems relating to body posture, flexibility, balance, mobility and pain relief are also some of the conditions that Trager Approach is used for.

Each session of Trager Approach in Washington Wellness Center will only last for 60 to 90 minutes.  Now, you can say no to drugs or medicines with this natural, safe and effective way of treating your back or neck pain.  Trager Approach is very safe with no known side effects.  By just simply lying on a table during the treatment, a highly trained and experienced practitioner will move your body gently through Trager movements.  Trager movements can balance your mind and body thereby softening the tensions of your body and easing the pains and discomforts.  However, it is very essential that you have to talk first with Dr. Jason Bradley for proper evaluation and discussion of your health goals before proceeding to a Trager Approach session.

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