Find Your Life’s Inner Peace and Purpose

Everyone can finally find life’s inner peace and purpose with a Holistic Psychotherapy in Iowa City, IA at Washington Street Wellness Center.  Holistic Psychotherapy can help reduce the symptoms of multiple ailments.  As a human being it is true that the perfect interplay of our mind, body and spirit help us cope up with the difficulties and challenges that we face every day.  Holistic Psychotherapy in Washington Street Wellness Center is done through traditional talk therapy, HeartMath, EFT, mindful training and the creative arts.  It is designed to help people from all walks of life to be free from the emotional pain, mental suffering and the intrinsic dissatisfaction that life brings us.

Currently men and women are looking beyond conventional medicine to keep themselves at bay with ailments and to recover from them in a natural and holistic way.  Holistic Psychotherapy is known for utilizing the traditional methods of psychotherapy as well as the non-traditional therapies of holistic healing to achieve a deeper level of healing.  Today, there are a wide range of techniques and strategies used by therapists in holistic psychotherapy.  What makes Washington Street Wellness Center unique in their holistic psychotherapy services? Take a look:

  • Talk Therapy – talking about thoughts and feelings and understanding all of it can help patients who feel distressed by difficult events in their life as well as to people with mental health problems.
  • HeartMath – to help people bring their physical, mental and emotional system into perfect harmony and balance with their heart’s intuitive guidance.
  • EFT – can help people through the exploration of emotions, release of feelings, reactions and inter-relations to identify their respective roles in their relationship.
  • Mindful Training
  • Creative Arts

Call Washington Street Wellness Center now at 319-466-002 now and experience life with inner peace and purpose with the help of our therapists.

Massage Services in Iowa City: Relax, De-stress and Recharge

Are you stressed out from the hassles, frustrations, demands or deadlines of your job responsibility and you want to find a natural and holistic de-stressing alternative?  Whatever is causing your stress, you must recharge and revitalize your body with Washington Street Wellness Center which offers a number and different styles of Massage Services in Iowa City, IA to de-stress your anxieties, tensions, aches and pains.

Stressors cannot always be avoided, since we are facing them every day.  Stress is so commonplace in modern life that it is present even in people who just sit down the whole day and lack adequate physical activity.  A massage is a natural and effective way to relax, de-stress and recharge our mind and body in a holistic approach to your general well-being.

Massages consist of pressing, rubbing or kneading of your skin and muscles primarily with the use of the hands and fingers with added pressure depending on your tolerance.  Washington Street Wellness Center is equipped with a complete list of massage services to choose from depending on your specific needs and suitability. We can help you find some relaxing moment with yourself, de-stress from the woes and worries and take time to recharge and re-energize your mind and body. We offer:

  • Swedish Massage
  • Sports Massage
  • Medical Massage
  • Reflexology
  • Shiatsu
  • Esalen

If you are contemplating a massage and pondering on what benefits you can derive from it, you will be surprised to know the benefits that anyone can derive from incorporating massage therapy as part of your healthy maintenance program despite any age bracket:

  • Improved circulation and immune system
  • Improved joint mobility and body awareness
  • Reduced pain, muscle tension, depression, anxiety

Contact the Washington Street Wellness Center at 319-466-0026 now to schedule any of the massage services that best suits you.  Relax with a massage and de-stress, recharge and re-energize your mind and body.