Foot Reflexology in Iowa City : Ancient Holistic Natural Therapy

Foot reflexology is rooted from an ancient principle that there are some reflex zone areas on the soles of the feet containing the nerve endings of various internal organs and parts of the body. Foot Reflexology in Iowa City is a natural alternative therapy sought by people to de-stress and to help in the cure of some illnesses and diseases. It is a health practice embraced by Washington Street Wellness Center by listing it as one of its offered massage services. Massaging or applying pressures to these zone reflex areas of the feet can have a therapeutic effect and promote a positive health outcome to the corresponding organs or parts of the body.

Foot reflexology is generally known to mitigate general illnesses. This is despite the fact that reflexologists do not diagnose any diseases by the mere observation on any abnormalities of the reflex points located at the sole of the feet. There is no available scientific evidence supporting foot reflexology as a cure for severe diseases such as cancer. However, a recent research study conducted in the U.S. and around the world, indicate a positive benefit that any one can derive from reflexology. Foot reflexology as a holistic natural therapy can promote the body to heal itself and in effect this can help with almost all conditions and problems related to our health. Stimulation of the nerve endings can relieve an array of health problems and can boost well-being and relaxation.

Iowa Wellness Center offers a one hour foot reflexology session with their experienced massage therapists. Our therapists can massage the nerve ending points to give harmony to your stressed muscles and also to the different organs and body parts and even your hormone systems. A regular foot reflexology can have positive effects to our body such as:

  • Improvement of the functions of the body

  • Increase blood circulation or blood flow

  • Relaxation effect

  • Pain reduction

  • Promote better sleep

  • Elimination of waste or toxic elements

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Chiropractic Care in Iowa City – Understanding Subluxation

People ordinarily do not know that our spinal vertebrae plays a very significant factor in our overall health. Modern medicines are constantly flowing in the market which give us immediate access to find relief of any pain and illnesses. There are numerous over the counter medications for just a simple back pain. Very few know that misalignment or subluxation of our spine can possibly lead to some of these illnesses we suffer. However, these can be intervened by a natural chiropractic care. An alternative medicine such as a chiropractic subluxation is an effective way to treat back pain.

Subluxation is a spinal manipulation when one or more of the bones of our spine moves out of position.  Our spinal cord acts as a major cable connecting towards our brain, spinal column and the spinal nerves towards the various parts of our body.  Washington Street Wellness Center believes in a chiropractic philosophy that our body can function well if it is naturally in a proper balance in all of its systems which are designed to work together.

Chiropractic medicine is a drug-less and non surgical natural way to align the spine so that the body can function well. Although there is no scientific evidence to support this claim, it is still a proven natural medicine practiced by chiropractors to restore and preserve our optimal health. Chiropractic medicine is used for more than just to treat back pain.

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