Is Natural Alternative Medicine Still an Effective Treatment in Today’s World?

You may have heard about clinical studies conducted by respected experts claiming the efficacy of certain natural medicine products. Every now and then, you may also be hearing other so-called medical experts or researchers trying to debunk some natural medicines. Like every class in this world, there are good and bad eggs. There are good or effective natural medicines and there are certainly bad or ineffective natural medicines. It is not accurate to say that natural medicine is the ideal route and it is not accurate either to declare that all natural medicines are not useful.

By dictionary definition, natural medicine (naturopathy or naturopathic medicine) is defined as an alternative medical system that focuses on natural remedies. As an alternative system, natural medicine generally encompasses treatments and therapies of which the main ingredients are taken from natural sources including plants, herbs, aromatic scents, and even physical therapy techniques. Indeed, the category natural medicine includes acupuncture therapy and even the very popular swedish massage technique. Due to the preponderance of medical science in the diagnosis and treatment of ailments, natural medicines are relegated to being the alternative choice.

Diseases Covered

Since the olden times, natural medicines have already taken hold of their respect spot as alternative remedies to a wide array of diseases from the most common colds, fever, toothache to the more serious conditions of leukemia, diabetes and hypertension.

Be a Careful Patient

If you are not really into natural medicinal products but somehow you are confronted with a situation to reflect on whether or not to try one, just be open-minded that it may exactly be what you need and it may indeed work well to treat your condition or one of your family member’s ailment. Like what is stated earlier, there are effective and ineffective natural medicines so maybe you have to research a bit and read up on the testimonials of previous natural medicine users.

At any rate, do not ever compromise the state of your health. Since the natural alternative medicine is a new route for you, seek help from your trusted physician or other medical and health experts. Try to get their opinion first.

Easier Way for Natural

But then to make your life easier, a trusted institution like the Iowa Wellness Center is there. With a team of highly trained and certified wellness specialists, Metabolic & Nutritional Medicine Specialist Dr. Bradley has spearheaded the efforts of choosing (which took more than 10 years to accomplish) the best list of pharmaceutical grade supplements from the available and proven safe natural medicine products in the United States and abroad. With the Wellness Center in Iowa, you are ensured of alternative medical treatments that are certified in purity, potency and efficacy. At your fingertips, you now have a natural medicine pharmacy to help in improving your health and vitality.

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Iowa Chiropractic Care and Other Alternative Choices for Total Wellness

Life is easy, life is difficult, life is what you make it. Thus, the big and small choices that you make each day can definitely contribute to how your life will be. For an adult, life is generally full of serious and never-ending challenges. When left not managed, the daily stress can weigh you down mentally or it can even be lead to a host of health issues. You really have to ease a little bit and put lesser pressure on yourself. In most cases, you have to think of ways to control and manage your daily life stress.

Comprehensive Treatment

Fighting stress requires the possibility of overhauling your overall lifestyle. There is no single solution – be it exercise, pill treatment, or vitamin supplements – that can eradicate all of your stresses in one click. You have to perform several small steps so that you may have the upper hand in your daily battles against stress. For example, you need to eat the right amount and quality of food, exercise on a regular basis, and sleep and rest sufficiently in order for your mind to relax and be at peace with all the things going on in your little universe called life.

In most cases, one stressor (or an agent of stress) can produce a domino effect that may trigger another stressor, then would merge with other stressors, and then eventually would form into something akin to a big ball of stress.

Pill is Not Necessary

Perhaps due to media influences, there is somehow a notion – which is very incorrect – that you always need to take in medications or to pop pills, so to speak, in order to control stress. This is a wrong notion and practice and can sometimes even be lethal because some individuals do not ask for their physician’s guidance or prescription. For instance, you may have heard of hundreds of people that died from over consumption of sleeping pills because they already felt tremendous stress from their inability to sleep. Morever, there are other medical options that may only provide temporary relief but actually contribute to the vicious cycle of stress.

Alternative Route

Thus, if you have tried the conventional means to relieve and reduce stress to no significant results, perhaps you may have to consider now the alternative route. In Iowa City, the Washington Street Wellness Center is highly committed in providing alternative medicine options that promote improvement in your general well-being. Alternative options to manage stress is one of the primary specialties at the Wellness Center.

Led by Metabolic & Nutritional Medicine Specialist Dr. Bradley, the Wellness Center caters to a comprehensive and individualized approach to relieving your stress. Geared towards both your immediate relaxation and long-term health, it has impressive anti-stress options that include, among others, Holistic Psychotherapy, Customized Nutrition Programs, Wellness Coaching,  Natural Pharmacy, Acupuncture, and even Trigger Point Therapy. Dr. Bradley and his staff will evaluate you thoroughly so that you are afforded the appropriate alternative treatment.

One of the most popular alternative treatments today against stress is known as Iowa Chiropractic Care – which is actually a holistic health care approach wherein your spine is aligned by a skilled and trained chiropractor in order to unblock nerve energy and allow such energy to flow better throughout the entire body. Chiropractic Care is not only an alternative treatment to back pain and headache without utilizing drugs and surgery. It is actually a holistic healthcare approach in the prevention, restoration, and rehabilitation of various ailments and life stresses. Furthermore, the effectiveness of chiropractic remedy has been proven time and again by hundreds of patients and even by various ongoing studies.

The cornerstone philosophy of chiropractic treatment is homeostasis or the natural tendency for the body to seek a proper balance. With repeated visits and spine adjustments at particular pressure points, your spine will be properly and carefully realigned leading eventually to an optimized overall health.

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