Therapeutic Swedish Massage Iowa: Ease Stress, Heal Body Ills

The medical community is gradually recognizing the health benefits of massage therapy. But since long before, the massage has been known to provide relief from stress and even from lingering injuries. It usually relaxes the mind and body, and provides the necessary breather for all the tensions and pressures in life. One of the most popular massage techniques is known as Swedish Massage.

As a little history, swedish massage was invented in the early 19th century by a Swedish physical therapist named Peter Henrik Ling. Almost entirely, the technique is based on Western concepts of anatomy and physiology, in contrast to the more spiritual massage techniques in the Eastern sphere. Being the most common and widespread technique, swedish massage is the foundational form from which other Western techniques are based such as deep tissue muscle massage and aromatherapy massage.

At Washington Street Wellness Center in Iowa City, IA, swedish massage is recognized in its rightful position as one of the primary technique options to provide therapeutic and healing benefits to patients. The Center’s resident massage therapist Melissa Dobbins has an extensive knowledge in aromatherapy, traditional massage (especially  Ayurvedic), western massage techniques, and a passion for using natural products.

For this, Ms. Dobbins has recently developed a unique combination of Swedish massage techniques with hot/cold therapy, trigger point release, and relaxation. The therapeutic swedish massage Iowa combines oil or lotion (depending on patient preference) with an array of strokes such as rolling, kneading, and percussion to help improve the body circulation.

Furthermore, Washington Street Wellness has taken the popular massage to a new level, as swedish technique is incorporated with deep tissue massage, which latter technique typically aimed at easing tension in the deeper tissue layers in the body. The combination of techniques is highly effective method for releasing chronic stress areas due to misalignment, repetitive motions, and past lingering injuries.

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Holistic Iowa Acupuncture: On Comprehensive Healing & Wellness

Sometime over 2,000 years ago in China, a technique of body healing and rejuvenation was invented. Today, acupuncture still stands as an alternative medicine that works thru insertion of extremely fine needles at strategic points in the body.

The philosophy behind is to increase or decrease, or redirect, the body’s vital substance known as Qi (pronounced Chi) in order to restore balance and to commence healing. The more traditional form of acupuncture seeks to produce harmony on the spiritual, emotional, and physical levels.

Complement to Holistic Medicine

Various medical centers and healing facilities are starting to affirm the healing benefits of acupuncture technique. In fact, it is no longer considered merely as an alternative medicine, but oftentimes a complement to the goal of achieving holistic healing. With years of meticulous training, licensed acupuncturists can promote healing and regeneration as they are adept at precise and strategic insertions.

Furthermore, acupuncture is also recommended for patients who:

  • suffer from chronic pain;
  • suffer from headaches;
  • want to quit smoking or lose weight;
  • suffer from daily stress; and
  • seek to stimulate the release of a variety of hormones that may help the body respond to injury and stress.

Moreover, since acupuncture stimulates the immune system, it is likely to positively affect the blood pressure, circulation, rhythm and stroke volume of the heart, secretion of the gastric acid, and even the production of red and white cells.

At Washington Street Wellness Center in Iowa City, IA, the resident massage therapists have extensive skill and experience in performing acupuncture massage. But aside from the purposes of relaxation and to relieve stress, the Center’s acupuncture is holistic in nature as it is geared towards comprehensive healing and wellness of each patient. In view of this, the holistic Iowa acupuncture is typically combined with other techniques and  natural treatments, such as Swedish Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Shiatsu, and Active Isolated Stretching. At any rate, each type of massage has particular focus and benefits, so the patient has to listen attentively the discussion during the visit to the Wellness Center in Iowa City.

To schedule an appointment for massage services, or to request more information, please call our office today at (319) 466-0026. Alternatively, you may drop us a message via this email contact form.