Practical Benefits to a Holistic Healthy Lifestyle and Improved Wellbeing

Living and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is ideal. But in many instances, you may have realized by now that following the healthy route on a constant basis is easier desired than done. For one thing, a healthy life entails that you must be disciplined in your choice of food in each and every meal and at the same time consistent in following an exercise routine.

But then again, healthy lifestyle does not equate to dieting and exercising alone. Rather, it includes other areas in your lifestyle collectively aimed at making you function more efficiently and increasing your level of comfort towards life in general.

The journey towards sustainable healthy lifestyle is a personal one. Meaning, your friend may go through and accomplish the healthy goal in a way different from yours. Your friend may even have completely different reasons why they seek to pursue a healthy lifestyle. At any rate, it is a widely held belief among health and wellness professionals that a comprehensive or holistic approach towards healthy lifestyle is much preferable. To achieve the full gains, you must work on each different areas ranging from wellness management to aging management. Furthermore, it would be beneficial to you if you tap on the experienced guidance of health professionals, such as the Washington Street Wellness Center in Iowa City.

Moreover, the Wellness Center’s lifestyle coach Dr. Jason Bradley believes in taking the road to healthy lifestyle as a continuous process instead of an end destination itself. This entails that being healthy is a lifetime commitment with long-term perspective. And that you ought to value the benefits of healthy lifestyle as better fuel to live your life to the fullest.

Here are some practical benefits to a holistic healthy lifestyle and enhanced well-being:

  • Goodbye Chronic Diseases. Debilitating diseases such as diabetes and hypertension may be avoided altogether and in the process increases your longevity.
  • Avoid Major Injuries. While some injuries cannot be helped, you can reduce the risks of major injuries since you are physically fit.
  • Ideal Weight Achieved. With an ideal weight, you are likely to enhance your physical appearance and correspondigly feel confident about yourself.
  • Do More in Life. Since you are physically capable and healthy, you are very likely to achieve your goals in life.
  • Happy Disposition. With a sound body, it almost always follows that you will have a sound mind and disposition as well.

Overall, a healthy lifestyle may be a challenging goal to take on. But if you are truly committed to it, you can avail of its multi-benefits that seem to trickle in from one life advantage to another. Dr. Bradley can help you design a plan a healthy lifestyle plan that is holisitic in nature.

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Iowa Holistic Psychotherapy: Your Choice, Your Well-Being

There’s a funny yet succinct saying about life that tells it is the hardest exam ever because nobody comes out of life alive. Indeed. To put it in more cinematic terms, life is filled with treacherous waters and valleys of unknown depths.

There is no single, reliable compass to life that is applicable to all people. You have to go through life’s journey on your own to determine your purpose and essence. And there are, of course, a thousand issues and pitfalls as you do the journey.

In today’s fast-paced world especially, it seems even easier to fall into the traps of stress, alienation and anxiety. It appears that there is so much pressure for everyone to compete intensely and to put on the face of success at every turn and reunion. To top it all, it appears that people show much less empathy toward one another, as communications tend to be more impersonal.

The Washington Street Wellness Center in Iowa City offers psychotherapy services for treating various mental health, emotional and some psychiatric disorders. Among the Wellness Center’s areas of specialization include: Anxiety, Depression , Trauma and Loss, and Stress Management .

The experienced psychotherapists will utilize customized and holistic approaches in performing psychotherapy services. This is to ensure that each individualized strategy will meet your particular needs and goals, as well as to integrate the psychotherapy to your daily routine.

The Iowa Holistic Psychotherapy services include a mix of traditional talk therapy, HeartMath, EFT, mindfulness training, and the creative arts. The overarching goal of the mental health therapists in Iowa is, of course, to help you attain more satisfaction and peace in your life. The team at Washington Street Wellness Center will work closely with you to make it happen.

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