Metabolic Weight Loss: To a Healthier & Thinner You For Keeps

It is estimated that about two-thirds of American adults are either overweight or obese. Hence, it is not very surprising that a lot of Americans seek for a quick and easy fix to their weight problem. And perhaps the most common method to fix this problem is to undergo a weight loss program by forcing oneself to eat less. But can weight problem really be fixed through dieting alone? Unfortunately, in most cases, dieting is never enough solution – no matter how presently popular it may be.

It is not even about eating less and exercising more. The long and short is that there’s no cookie-cutter formula or approach to losing weight. At Iowa Wellness Center, Metabolic and Nutritional Medicine Specialist Dr. Jason Bradley utilizes a comprehensive and personalized approach to weight loss. This means that Dr. Bradley first performs a careful patient assessment that involves, among others, laboratory tests and nutritional and lifestyle evaluations. Such assessment is undertaken to determine the cause of weight loss resistance. That is, the underlying interference that caused the metabolic imbalance and basically the reason why a patient is having hard time losing weight. Or sustaining the weight loss.

Some of the weight loss resistance may be due to Metabolic Syndrome ,    Hormone Imbalance, Drug Interactions, Stress, Inflammation , and Food Addictions . Once the cause of metabolic imbalance is known, Dr. Bradley will design a treatment plan consisting of dietary recommendations, supplements, and lifestyle changes which promote cellular metabolic changes in the patient’s body. Dr. Bradley’s Metabolic Weight Loss is actually eclectic in approach, intended to be beneficial to health, and sustaining in outcome. Hence, patients can expect a thinner yet ideally balanced version of them.

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Take the Plunge to Iowa City Wellness Coaching

Most people today are not getting their priorities right. In the guise of acquiring knowledge, they spend so much time on the Internet and social networks – instead of reading books or critically distilling knowledge from information readily available online. In the guise of becoming healthy, they immediately follow trendy but untested diet schemes – instead of a meaningful lifestyle change or seeking guidance from an experienced professional.

At Iowa City Wellness Coaching Center, Dr. Jason Bradley and his team of certified wellness professionals invite you to the plunge to proven effective strategies and tools to ideal lifestyle. Dr. Bradley challenges you to make healthy lifestyle a priority once and for all – that is, if you aspire to achieve the comprehensive benefits of increased energy, feeling and looking better, and controlling chronic illnesses.

There is no assurance that it would be without challenges, but it is guaranteed that it would prove to be worth every while once you start reaping benefits of a healthy body and sound mind: free of crippling diseases at that. More than that, you will likely realize that you are capable of doing anything desired when your body and mind become efficient machines.

Metabolic and Nutritional Medicine Specialist Dr. Bradley will lead the Lifestyle Coaching. He will provide you with personalized tools to attain your health goals, sustain your healthy lifestyle changes, and overcome initial obstacles. For years in excellent practice, he adheres strictly to his medical philosophies and treatment protocols which, among others, consist of being evidence-based and restoring balance to the system and the hormonal tree. Dr. Bradley’s team is composed of: Alta Medea, Office Manager and Certified Lifestyle Educator; Karla Schmidt, Certified Nutritionist; Megan Matthews, Licensed Social Worker; and Melissa Dobbins, Massage Therapist.

To schedule an appointment for consult services, or to request more information, please call our office today at (319) 466-0026. Alternatively, you may drop us a message via this email contact form.