Customized Nutrition Programs: On the Road to Being Smart Eater

We live in a very modern world where people talk with each other over handheld gadgets and purchase lawn tools using an electronic tablet. But sadly, if we look closely, there are still many people that consume food the way Cro-Magnons did. Maybe that’s quite an exaggeration, but the point is that present dietary customs are not quite compatible with the general level of modernity in other social realms. In clearer terms, most people have not become smart eaters yet.

A person is smart eater when he is not ingesting food merely for fuel purposes and satisfaction. Rather, he should be conscious and is eating foods that contribute to good health and overall wellness. He must be mindful of the immediate and long-term effects of nutrition to his body and mental state. In the same vein, he is aware of the disease-fighting foods and those that may be considered toxic. In other words, a smart eater utilizes the full dietary benefits to enable him to function as a human being to the utmost.

This is the kind of character with respect to food and diet being espoused at Dr. Jason Bradley’s Wellness Center. Based in Iowa City, Dr. Bradley is a specialist physician in metabolic and nutritional medicine. He seeks to empower patients on the value of Functional Nutritional Medicine to changing eating habits to a more healthful road.

At the Iowa Wellness Center, patients will be educated and trained to follow Customized Nutritional Programs. This is in consideration of the fact that there’s no cookie-cutter formula: each person has his individual dietary needs and desired health goals. Thus, Dr. Bradley’s dietary plans are indeed personalized and realistic – to include such factors as lifestyle & food preferences, food allergies, and present deficiencies or illnesses.

With the right amount of science-based and purposeful tools, anybody can be an intelligent eater in no time – and presumably live a much productive, healthier life!

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