Dr. Jason Bradley – Medical Director

Dr. Jason Bradley, ND, DC, CN, DSc, DPSc, DABAAHP, DAARM, AFMCP, MA has dedicated his career to identifying and addressing the root causes of chronic illness through a groundbreaking whole-systems medicine approach known as Functional Nutritional… READ MORE


Alta Medea-Peters – Clinic Coordinator

Ms. Medea-Peters manages our entire wellness center and the practitioners it houses.As one of our life style educators, she is well-versed in the traditional and cutting edge health care techniques we offer. She brings with her extensive knowledge and experience… READ MORE


Matthew “Pete’ Peters – Warehouse Manager and Support Staff

Matthew “Pete” Peters joined our team to manage our supplement warehouse and shipping while also helping out our team at the front desk. With a history in many… READ MORE


Rachel Adler – Care Coordinator

Rachel Adler has joined the EPIC team to serve as care coordinator and empower clients as they embark on their wellness journeys. Her purpose in life is to make others feel like they are heard and that they matter. Rachel is a Registered Nurse with… READ MORE


Aliya Holbrook Al-Nassar – Receptionist

Aliya Holbrook Al-Nassar is our EPIC receptionist. She has a strong desire to learn as much as she can about Functional Medicine and healthy lifestyle. Her cheerful personality and dedication towards assisting our clients is what makes her an important… READ MORE


Meryl Hebets – Neurofeedback Technician

Meryl Hebets is a student at the University of Iowa pursuing functional medicine, as she has been dedicated to alternative and more successful forms of long term health care for many years. She joined the EPIC team as an intern and in August took over our… READ MORE


Jen Kardos – Director of Education & Health Coaching

Jen Kardos serves as our Director of Education & Health Coaching. After finding true healing with functional medicine after her own major health crisis, she decided she wanted to apply her science and educational… READ MORE


Shelly Horswill – Wellness Coach and Yoga Instructor

Shelly Horswill is dedicated to empowering people to be the healthiest version of themselves in mind, body, and spirit. She believes that inherent within all of us is the capacity to be well and to heal ourselves… READ MORE