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EPIC stands for more than just a Functional Medicine clinic. It is our life work and passion to bring healing and optimal wellness to the world through education, community outreach and real medicine. We look forward to walking your path to wellness with you. Call us today to learn more about how you can become more EPIC too.


for Empowering. Through education and support, one can make some of the hardest changes to their lifestyle leading to optimal living.


for Personalized. Though bodies are similar, each individual has their own unique biochemical and genetic needs that will determine what it will take to get to a healthy life.


for integrative. We believe that we should use all of the tools in the toolbox to achieve an optimal life, be that meditation, yoga, traditional medicine partnerships, councilors, or fundamental changes in lifestyle habits.


for community Centered. Through building a community of like-minded individuals and educational outreach, we are able to support our clients to make the daily decisions toward constructive and healthy choices versus destructive one


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Call Epic Functional Medicine Center at (319) 466 0026
Call Epic Functional Medicine Center at (319) 466 0026

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